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Austin Jam Company has done more than refine an old tradition: We've started a new one.

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Created in Austin, Texas, we use modern techniques to create unique flavors and textures. Austin Jam Company makes each jar in South Austin or in Hill Country. We use organic sugar and never add commercial pectin.

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Customer Favorites

“Omg this stuff is so addicting. I’ve been cycling through flavors in my morning breakfast bowls and mixing in a dollop into my Friday night cocktails. AJC goes beyond the toast in this household!”

— Alison from Austin
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Our Mission

Local, funky and full of fruit jam in small batches

Austin resident, Kelsey Schmertz, is passionate about jam. Kelsey has been baking cakes and making sweet treats for many years. She only recently discovered her love for jam making. Kelsey attributes her jam obsession to her sweet tooth, love of fruit, and passion for supporting local shops.

Dissatisfied with the selection of jam in Austin, she started making her own pectin-free jams with the skills she learned from making cake fillings. Kelsey became a bit jam-obsessed and wanted everyone in Austin to have a delicious spread made from fruits grown by local farmers on their table.

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