Local, funky and full of fruit jam in small batches

Let's introduce Kelsey Schmertz, the creative force behind Austin Jam Company, dreamed up in the heart of Austin, Texas. With a jam obsession that knows no bounds, Kelsey has turned her love for all things fruity into a thriving adventure. Picture this: small batches of insanely delicious vegan jams, lovingly crafted to perfection right here in Texas.

Driven by a vision to redefine the jam industry, Kelsey's expertise as a former baker shines through in every tantalizing creation. Austin Jam Company has emerged, offering an array of enticing flavors, all meticulously prepared in small batches. Kelsey's commitment to conscious consumption is evident in every jar, as only organic sugar is used to sweeten these delectable spreads. The result is a vegan-friendly product that caters to discerning palates, making it an ideal gift and the perfect accompaniment to any cheese board.

So, get ready to jam out with Kelsey and experience the incredible creations of Austin Jam Company, proudly made in Texas. It's time to embark on a jam-filled journey that will have you spreading the jam love wherever you go! Get ready for a jam good time!
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Our Mission

Austin Jam Company is on a mission to redefine the local jam scene with an unwavering passion for crafting extraordinary spreads. Our pectin-free jams are meticulously crafted using the finest ingredients, ensuring each jar bursts with irresistible flavors. Led by a commitment to deliver jams that embody the essence of Austin, we invite you to experience a revolution in spreads. Discover a delightful array of flavors that captivate your senses and savor the true taste of passion, craftsmanship, and a whole lot of Austin flavor. Indulge in the jam experience like never before and join us on our mission to spread joy, one jar at a time.
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Fresh Ingredients
for a Jam Good Time

Created in Austin, Texas, we use modern techniques to create unique flavors and textures. Austin Jam Company makes everything in small batches in South Austin as well as in Hill Country. We use organic sugar and never add commercial pectin.
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Jam Good Jam

Big Dreams in Small Batches

Austin Jam Company has done more than refine an old tradition: We've started a new one. With creativity and passion, we've redefined the jam experience. Crafting each jar with love, we bring bursts of flavor and pure joy to your life. From cheese platters to delightful gifts, join us on this jamtastic journey of indulgence. Welcome to Austin Jam Company, where traditions are reinvented with every delicious jar. Get ready for a jam good time!

Fun and Original Flavors
Fun and Original Flavors
Local Ingredients
Local Ingredients
Cute and Stylish Packaging
Cute and Stylish Packaging
Austin Jam product
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