Create the Perfect Summer Tablescape

Create the Perfect Summer Tablescape

Welcome to our jam-packed guide on creating the perfect summer tablescape! Just like a jar of our delectable jams, a well-designed table setting can add that extra touch of sweetness to any gathering. As you prepare to host friends and family for summer brunches or garden parties, we've got you covered with some top tips to make your table shine.

Top tips for your summer tablescape from Colette at Cultured Grazing Company:

  1. Color Theme- use your surroundings to locate which colors you’d like to highlight. We went with mustards and terracotta to highlight the warmth of summer and to tie in the beautiful backyard space
  2. Layer! Layering various placemats adds texture and visual dimension to your table. When doing this, focus on different shapes, fabrics and textures rather than colors. This will keep things looking simple, but interesting. I also offset the layered placemats rather than placing them directly in the center. Again, we want to create lots of visual appeal. 
  3. When working with florals, be sure to stay in your color scheme.
  4. Wanting to give your guests a fun, unique gift? Austin Jam Company’s seasonal jams are such a special treat that your guests will love to take home with them! We placed our jams directly at each place setting, so our guests know it’s for them to take home!
  5. Add unique shapes and personalizations. We included vintage water glasses, which also will help your guests remember which glass is theirs! You can do this with mixing and matching your glassware as well. Our gorgeous plates were sourced from Apartment F and added the perfect pop with their unique shape and bold color for something special! All of these special items are a great talking point for your guests as well. These plates scream summer. 
  6. Now, time to play! Think of new ways to serve your guests. Here, we placed our mini dessert cakes from Frostin’ in coup glasses. There are no rules!
  7. Final touches like citrus, edible flowers and seasonal fruit help to bring vibrancy, freshness and life to your table. 
  8. After enjoying your brunch, break out the games. It’s the perfect time of year to gather with friends and enjoy some fun & leisure. 

Details + Design:

Party Favors: Austin Jam Company | Styling: Cultured Grazing Company | Photographer: Lauren K. Walden | Plates + Vases: Apt F | Florals: Le Tige Floral Co | Mini Cakes: Frostin’ | Linens: Bed Threads | Champagne Coups: Estelle Colored Glasses | Bread: Swedish Hill | Fruit: Central Market | Wine + Gummies: FOXTROT | Dice game: Glue Bunny Games

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