FIG DEAL Coming Right Up!

FIG DEAL Coming Right Up!

That's right, our FIG DEAL flavor is coming back. We are making a small batch this month with some delicious figs from a local grower. Our FIG DEAL flavor is a blend of local Organic Gala apples and local Organic figs. This is a delicious jar of spreadable goodness. This year we are only doing one small batch so place your order while you can! Think of this flavor as if the most delicious apple butter meets our signature full of fruit JAM!

How do figs grow?

Figs are a shallow fibrous rooted species, although depending on location, the roots may spread laterally and vertically. Figs may have a single stemmed tree like growth or multi-stemmed shrub-like growth and often send up suckers from the base of the tree and spreading branches that are low to the ground.

Where are the figs from?

Ulrich Orchards in Hamilton, Texas, which is about 120 miles from Austin.

What kind of figs?

Texas Everbearing Fig also commonly called the Brown Turkey Fig is a medium sized fig adapted to Central and East Texas. It is the most common variety in Central Texas. The tree is vigorous, very large, and productive. The fruit has a short, plump stem and is nearly seedless. This fig has a mild sweet flavor. Most of these figs are very large, sometimes 2 inches in diameter.

So what's the fig deal?

Figs are an excellent source of potassium, dietary fiber, and calcium. The savory fig flavor pairs nicely with the local apples in our FIG DEAL flavor.

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